Top 14 Network Diagram, Topology & Mapping Software 2022

network topology mapping software

Lucidchart includes globally recognized shapes and icons for Cisco, server racks, and other vendor-neutral shapes. Or, simply import your own custom shapes, network topology mapping software so you’ll have all the icons you need to accurately represent your network. Here is a list of best free network mapping software for Windows.

  • This provides you with the current connections between your devices, which you could use as a guide when replanning your network in a graphics tool, such as Visio.
  • There can be a situation where your company has installed some new software application which is consuming too much data.
  • System — contains the system’s built-in device groups generated after the routing protocol calculation for the discovered devices.
  • The earliest known maps were drawn in caves during 2300 B.C.
  • The OpManager can keep track of health and vital parameters including packet loss, latency, speed, errors, and discards.
  • But this requires a significant amount of time-consuming, manual work.

It is a high efficiency and comprehensive tool for IT infrastructure and networking monitoring. It provides a central view of everything happening in your networks. With a smart GUI, it provides options to customize the application’s layout, design, and user preferences. With Nagios XI users can view network incidents and resolve them before they escalate further. With network mapping software, IT administrators can automatically discover the network topology and all connected devices. Network mapping is a systematic process of designing network maps to visualize network connectivity.


Technology issues can be identified and fixed before customers or users are affected. You can spot problems in your distributed environment in seconds, not hours. Your IT team and you will save time, reduce frustration and keep customers happy. Intermapper network mapping software allows you to automatically discover and document all IP-enabled devices in your network in just minutes. You can customize the look of your map by adding hundreds of icons or background options.

  • This solution uses IP packets to determine hosts on a network and the types of services being provided by hosts, and it also uses them to identify firewalls, operating systems, and other useful information.
  • It is also possible to get a summary of device details by hovering the cursor over a node in the network map.
  • Auvik is a SaaS platform that is delivered from the cloud so its dashboard can be accessed from anywhere through any standard Web browser and it will document and map any network to which it is granted access.
  • You can view information related to a device by clicking on it, such as name, type, connection type, IP address, MAC address, status, etc.
  • A complete inventory of all your hardware and software, across platforms and versions.

Some alternatives to MetaPort are CruzNow, SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper, and Intermapper. Network Performance Monitor , by SolarWinds, provides advanced network troubleshooting using critical path hops-by-hop analysis for hybrid, on-premises, and cloud services. This modern network monitoring software is powerful and affordable. It allows IT organizations to quickly identify, diagnose, https://wave-accounting.net/ and fix network outages and problems, improving their network performance. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor features include a performance analysis dashboard, NetPath critical paths visualization, intelligent alerts, multi-vendor network monitoring and Network Insights for Cisco ASA. Forward Enterprise documents, verifies, predicts, and searches the behavior of your network.

Helpsystems Intermapper

N-central RMM for growing services providers managing large networks.RMM RMM for emerging MSPs and IT departments to get up and running quickly. Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website.

The failure of a single component could cause downtime for your entire Network. But the problem is networks are on a constant growth pattern while also increasing in complexity and it can be a bit tricky keeping up with the architecture. Yes, there are some system admins that choose to manually draw the architecture but that takes a lot of patience, carefulness, and effort. A Network topology mapper on the other hand automatically detects the network hosts and produces a complete map highlighting how they connect with each other. It lists the location of routers, Access points, firewalls, VLANs, laptops and other hosts in your network.

Best Network Infrastructure Mapping Tools

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper is our top pick for network diagram, topology, and mapping software because this system takes care of all of the work for you. You don’t need to search through your network for details about your network devices and how they link together because the autodiscovery function in SolarWinds does that for you. You don’t even need to update your topology maps because SolarWinds periodically rescans your network, spots changes, and updates the map for you. A logical network diagram shows the links between all devices in a schematic style. A physical network diagram adjusts the links between devices to accurately depict distances. Some network topology mappers will show the real network with actual device locations plotted onto floor plans and real-world maps. The Help Systems Intermapper is available in both a free and paid version.

LibreNMS is an auto discovering PHP/MySQL-based free network mapping software. LibreNMS has a set of comprehensive network mapping features, and it supports a wide range of hardware integrations. It provides support through a community forum where users can post queries, provide suggestions, raise feature requests, etc. It is free and open source software available under the GPL v3 license. This is an extremely versatile tool offering capabilities far beyond network topology mapping.

network topology mapping software

The system offers a multi-tenant architecture and there is no limit to the number of user accounts that you can create for technicians to get access to the Domotz console. This tool can unify the monitoring of multiple sites and it includes an automated network mapping system. NETGEAR genie is a free software to connect, monitor, and control your home network. It provides a separate module to show you network map of all connected devices. It performs automatic scanning to detect connected devices on a network. And, as the scanning goes on, all the detected devices are mapped in real time.

How To Get Started With Datto Rmm Network Topology Map?

An intuitive and powerful tool allows you to search network behavior, configuration, and state network-wide. For fast root-cause isolation, and incident remediation, locate any device in your network including all connections.

network topology mapping software

The Domotz system installs an agent on the monitored network. This acts as a data gatherer and uploads that information to the Domotz server for processing. Domotz creates a network asset inventory from that data and then draws up the network map. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper – EDITOR’S CHOICE Push a button in this diagram designer and it will automatically scan your network and create a map for you. Views available within the package include a real-world map, which is based on Google maps. The autodiscovery feature will even trace your connections across the internet, plotting the location of each router as it passes through the real-world map.

What Is The Best Free Tool For Drawing Network Diagrams?

These maps are created using easy-to-use graphics tools like ManageEngine OpManager, Spiceworks Network Monitor, etc. However, some programs allow you to create and customize your topology map using a specific graphics package. Unfortunately, these customized maps have their own disadvantages as they need to be updated manually. The devices and ports in a view structure can be instantly visualized as a multi-layer topology map. Layer 2 and 3 connectivity is automatically drawn in via the Entuity™ network topology discovery engine. Manually add topology information where required, such as unmanaged links. Maps are automatically laid out and can be manually adjusted within the network topology mapping software.

network topology mapping software

The editing screen gives you all of the icons that you need to clearly depict your network and the map is built using drag-and-drop. If you use CDP to locate all of your devices, the attributes discovered by that process can be pulled into the descriptions of the network nodes in your map. The package includes libraries of 2D and 3D icons to enable you to create your own network topology maps.

Its diagrams are in alliance with industry standards (UML, BPM, Notation 2.0, and IEEE) etc. The alert icon can be placed on the desktop that will inform you about the status of the items that are being monitored. Network Management Systems work in proportion to the data traffic/digital transformation needs/SDN technologies and this market is expected to experience major growth in coming years. Instantly gauge the state of your network at any scale, and understand which geographical areas are being affected with issues. Read our Case Studies to see how Domotz customers are using our Network Topology Mapping software to support their clients. All while keeping information accurate and up to date as networks grow and alter continuously. The paid subscription plan for Opsview Monitor starts at $89.95 per month which can be viewed here.

Network Mapping Software Features:

You can choose whether the discovery procedure uses SNMP or ICMP to locate devices. It can also identify network infrastructure through WMI and CDP methods. CloudFabrix is a software organization located in the United States that was started in 2015 and provides software named cfxRealize. CfxRealize includes training through documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. CfxRealize provides online support, business hours support, and 24/7 live support.

Its truly a fully featured diagramming tool for not only business professionals, but for IT professionals who need serious diagramming capabilities. Having a properly documented schematic of your entire network and connections can also ensure you can troubleshoot issues in a systematic order when they arise. You don’t have to stick with those generated maps because you can adjust the topology to meet your specific project aims. The software for the service installs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android. Visio is a high-end chart and map creating tool and is widely-used throughout businesses for a range of tasks.

Benefits Of Datto Rmms Network Topology Map?

The Professional version does however run on all the newer Microsoft versions, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000. More so, the program itself has a small footprint of only 2Mb, and supports Importing/Exporting WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, ICO, GIF and PCX file formats. This gives you the flexiblity to share diagrams with people who are still using Visio for their diagramming needs.

Discover The Full Picture With Network Mapping Software

There is a free version of Lucidchart but it lacks the import/export feature. And for me, that is a deal breaker because this is a feature that simplifies so much work and you will, therefore, feel its absence. This tool is available for all the popular mobile and computer OS including Linux and Chrome OS. The significance of Computer Networking to organizational growth is pretty clear. Which is why more and more businesses are embracing the concept. It allows the sharing of resources that would otherwise need to be purchased in numbers.

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